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DNC software system for RS232 CNC file transfer

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Receive files from your CNC

kwikDNC is one of our latest generation dnc software programs for transferring NC programs easily, quickly and efficiently between your PC computer and any type of CNC machine tool that supports the RS232 serial interface.
Once you have setup all your CNC parameters it is just so easy to receive files off your CNC machine. All you have to do is click the large Receive button - or press F3 and select a file from the dialog box. You will be asked to create a new file or overwrite an existing one. kwikDNC will then just sit there and wait for your file.

After transfer is finished, click stop receiving and you have the choice to save the file away or discard the received file. Files only get stored away at this point, so your original file is quite safe.

There is no limit to the size of files you can receive off your CNC.
DNC Software
The data can be seen scrolling past and can be stopped at any time by clicking the Stop Receiving button or the Escape key.

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